Managing services with the Azure portal


Azure management options

Tools that are commonly used for management include:

  • Azure portal

    • Access with any web browser

    • Doesn’t provide a way to automate repetitive tasks

  • Azure Powershell

    • Module for windows powershell or powershell core (crossplatform version of powershell)

    • Allows you to automate repetitive tasks

  • Azure CLI

    • Cross platform

    • Commands start with az

  • Azure Cloud Shell

    • Interactive, authenticated browser-accessible shell

    • Can use either bash or powershell

    • Range of CLI tools already installed such as git

  • Azure Mobile App

    • Both iOS and Android

    • Easy to check status

    • Access Azure Cloud Shell

  • Other Options

    • Azure SDKs for range of language

    • REST APIs

Navigating the portal

  • Resource Panel - Left sidebar. Can customize with specific resources.

  • Azure Marketplace - Good for creating new resources in Azure. Provision applications and services from service providers

  • Directory and Subscription - Change between subscriptions

  • Help Pane

    • Create new support requests

    • Documentation and other guided support

  • Azure Advisor

    • Get proactive, actionable and personalized best practice recommendations

    • Improve performance, security and availability of resources

Azure Portal dashboards

What is a dashboard?

Customizable collection of UI tiles displayed in the Azure Portal

Dashboards are stored as JSON files, making them easy to transfer.

Sharing a dashboard

You can share a dashboard in a resource group.

Preview features

Common areas you will see previews for:

  • New storage types

  • New Azure services

  • New or enhanced integration with other platforms

  • New APIs for services

General Availability
When a feature is released as part of Azure's default product set after evaluation and testing

Preview Categories

Private Preview
Available to specific Azure customers. Typically, invite only
Public Preview
Available to all Azure customers for evaluation