Creating an Azure Account


Purchasing Options

  • - Fastest and easiest

  • Microsoft Representative - Intended for large organizations

  • Microsoft partner - Partner provides access to Azure, manages billing and provides support.

Azure Billing

Azure subscription

Azure subscription - a logical container used to provision resources in Azure.

You might want to create additional subscriptions to separate:

  • Environments - development and testing

  • Organisational structures - different departments

  • Billing - manage and track costs

You may also need additional subscriptions due to subscription limits as they have hard limits, such as the max number of Express Route circuits per subscription is 10.

Billing structure

Support options

Free resources

  • Online documentation

  • Community support

    • Azure Knowledge Center

    • Microsoft Tech Community

    • Stack Overflow

    • Server Fault

    • Azure Feedback Forums

    • Twitter

  • Demo videos

  • Billing and subscription management support

  • Azure Quickstart Center

  • Azure Service Health

  • Azure Advisor

Support plans

DeveloperStandardProfessional Direct
Best forNon-critical workloadsProduction workloadsBusiness-critical workloads
Reactive technical support1 business day1 hour for critical1 hour and priority tracking for critical
Proactive technical supportN/AN/AAccess to a pool of technical experts