Core Cloud Services



Azure Virtual MachinesWindows or Linux VMs
Azure Virtual Machine Scale SetsScaling for Azure VMs
Azure Kubernetes ServiceEnables management of a cluster of VMs that run containerized services
Azure Service FabricDistributed systems platform
Azure BatchManaged service for parallel and high performance computing applications
Azure container instancesRun containerized apps on Azure without provisioning servers or VMs
Azure FunctionsAn event driven, serverless compute service


Azure Blob storageStorage service for very large objects, such as video files or bitmaps
Azure File storageFile shares that you can access and manage like a file server
Azure Queue storageA data store for queueing and reliably delivering messages between applications
Azure Table storageA NoSQL store that hosts unstructured data independent of any schema

These services all share several common characteristics:

  • Durable

  • Secure

  • Scalable

  • Managed

  • Accessible


Azure Virtual NetworkConnects VMs to incoming VPN connections
Azure Load BalancerBalances inbound and outbound connections to apps or service endpoints
Azure Application GatewayOptimizes app server farm delivery while increasing application security
Azure VPN gatewayAccess Azure Virtual Networks through VPN gateways
Azure DNSProvides fast DNS responses
Azure CDNProvides high bandwidth content to customers
Azure DDoS protectionProtects Azure applications from DDoS attacks
Azure Traffic ManagerDistributed network traffic across Azure regions worldwide
Azure ExpressRouteConnects to Azure over high bandwidth dedicated secure connections
Azure Network WatcherMonitors and diagnoses network issues using scenario based analysis
Azure FirewallHigh security and availability Firewall with unlimited scalability
Azure Virtual WANCreated a unified WAN connecting local and remote sites


It is simple to include features such as SAP, Oracle, SQL Server and sharepoint for mobile apps. Other features of this service include:

  • Offline data synchronization

  • Connectivity to on-premises data

  • Broadcasting push notifications

  • Autoscaling to match business needs


Azure Cosmos DBGlobally distributed database that supports NoSQL options
Azure SQL databaseFully managed relational database
Azure database for MySQLFully managed and scalable MySQL relational database
Azure Database for PostgreSQLFully managed and scalable PostgreSQL relational database
SQL server on VMsHost enterprise SQL server apps in the cloud
Azure synapse analyticsFully managed data warehouse
Azure Database Migration ServiceMigrate your databases to the cloud with no application code changes
Azure Cache for RedisCaches frequently used and static data to reduce data and application latency
Azure Database for MariaDBFully managed and scalable MariaDB database


Azure App ServiceCreate web-based apps
Azure Notification HubsSend push notifications to any platform from any back end
Azure API ManagementPublish APIs
Azure Cognitive SearchSearch as a service
Web apps feature of azure app serviceCreate and deploy mission critical apps
Azure SignalIR ServiceAdd real time web functionalities


IoT CentralIoT SaaS
Azure IoT HubMessaging hub for IoT devices
IoT EdgePush data analysis models onto IoT devices

Big Data

Azure HDInsightprocess data with Hadoop in the cloud
Azure DatabricksCollaborative Apache Spark based analytics


Azure Machine Learning ServiceIn depth machine learning
Azure Machine Learning StudioDrag and drop machine learning

Cognitive services

VisionImage processing algorithms
SpeechConvert spoken audio to text or use voice for verification
Knowledge mappingMap information and data to solve tasks
Bing searchUse bing search API
Natural language processingAllow apps to process natural language


Azure DevOpsHigh performance pipelines, Git repos, Kanban boards and load testing
Azure DevTest LabsCreate Windows and Linux environments for testing