Text formatting in Markdown



Using headings in Markdown has a much nicer syntax than that in HTML, all you need is the hash symbol (#).

The number of hashes corresponds to the h value in HTML. So # is for a <h1>, ## is for a <h2> and so on.

You add text to these headings by adding a space after the symbol then putting whatever you want the title to be

# This is the top level heading

## This is the second level

### Third level

###### And like HTML, it goes all the way down to 6

Text styling


For bold text there are two ways of formatting it, either with stars or underscores. Unlike in HTML, these do exactly the same thing and so are just personal preference. The only thing to remember is that there should be two of the symbol on each side

**This is bold**


Italics have very similar syntax, with the option of stars or underscores, but just with one symbol on each side

_This is italic_

You will notice that I have done the two examples with different symbols, this is due to my code formatter, but is a good idea so that you can do things such as:

**This is bold _but with italic inside_ **

with less confusion